Monday, August 24, 2015


Few people are aware of the meaning of the word 'socialist', and the best way that I, as a Christian Democrat, can think to describe a 'socialist' is to tell you about the greatest 'socialist' that ever walked the face of this Earth, His name was Jesus. A rich man once asked Jesus what he could do to be saved, Jesus told him to sell every possession that he had, give all the money to the poor, and to come follow Him. That, my friends, is 100% socialistic. The first Christian Communities, founded by the disciples, were also 100% socialistic, (see the book of Acts) All of the community resources, were shared in common

We democrat's don't carry it anywhere near that level, neither are we Robin Hoods, but we do like to see the poor get enough breaks, to allow them to survive.

We don't want to see their children go hungry.

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