Monday, August 24, 2015

Running Mates?

When you get the nomination, We hope you will pick ... alphabetically Elizabeth Warren, or Jon Stewart for a running mate.


Workers can expect under a President Bernie Sanders, an increase in the minimum wage, ($15.00 an hour) and when the lowest minimum wage is increased, all wages will be increased accordingly.

He will also make it easier for workers to join a union. He knows that when the hand of the worker is strong, the great middle class will return.

I expect that a law could be made that insists, as it should, that anything sold to any branch of our military, must be manufactured in this country. After all, our allies have been known to become our enemies. That should bring back all types of manufacturing. from jeeps, to bombers, bombs, and aircraft carriers. to uniforms, hats and shoes.

We can count on Bernie, not to start a war, but if another country attacks us, we will be more than ready to defend ourselves


Climate change deniers', this was once a lake in California, called Oroville Lake, notice the major bridge crossing what appears to be more like a creek. California prays for rain, and I pray with them

We certainly can't solve problems that we 'claim' don't exist.

The pollution must stop.

If indeed, there is no such thing as 'global warming', than why is the ice on our polar caps melting?


Few people are aware of the meaning of the word 'socialist', and the best way that I, as a Christian Democrat, can think to describe a 'socialist' is to tell you about the greatest 'socialist' that ever walked the face of this Earth, His name was Jesus. A rich man once asked Jesus what he could do to be saved, Jesus told him to sell every possession that he had, give all the money to the poor, and to come follow Him. That, my friends, is 100% socialistic. The first Christian Communities, founded by the disciples, were also 100% socialistic, (see the book of Acts) All of the community resources, were shared in common

We democrat's don't carry it anywhere near that level, neither are we Robin Hoods, but we do like to see the poor get enough breaks, to allow them to survive.

We don't want to see their children go hungry.


Those who would gain from Republican votes, would have you believe that Democrats, are pure monsters that like to suck out the brains of the unborn babies, that love to kill, kill, kill the unborn for their pure pleasure, and profit off of their body parts. They can whip up a frenzy of hatred for us Democrats, and when one kills a doctor, nurse, think it not justified murder.

For the sake of your vote, and assurance that you will continue to spread hate, for the Democrat's, they grossly exaggerate the number of the unborn killed, the reason for the abortions, the dangers for the mother involved, and "butchering" techniques used. They would have you believe that woman use abortions as a method of birth control.. You never get to hear the other side, until now...

I once knew a mother who had a husband, four young children and a 5th well on the way, only the Husband worked, birth control was expensive, she had been warned by her doctor not to get pregnant, each of the previous births were by C-section, and each weakened the womb. The doctor wanted to remove her womb, after the 4th baby, but her church frowned upon that suggestion. Than came the day that while washing clothes, she bent down, and the weight of her 8 month old fetus ripped her womb open, leaving her passed out, her living children screaming, her unborn alive inside her body cavity, its feet in her intestines, it's hands reaching for her racing heart.

At the hospital, the doctor knew that he had to kill the unborn, as fast and as painlessly as possible, or have two deaths on the table before him. The brain feels no pain, and yet the body cannot move without the brain. The story end's with the mother coming home from the hospital, much to the relief and happiness of her family. The unborn was not tossed in a garbage can, but used to help someone else heal, and to advance medical science, at the family's request. The doctor finally got the womb, and that did go into 'medical waste'.